EC 135 V5 for X-Plane

Cleared for take-off!
Now also availabe for X-Plane 12!

The EC 135 V5 is a Franco-German collaboration between rotorsim and HSF Design. Together we put a virtual helicopter on its skids, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of realism. It combines the great system depth of our proven previous version V4 with a highly detailed 3D model from our French friends. A professional sound designer added superior FMOD based sound. Now also available for X-Plane 12 with it's cool new effects.

It's best to grab the VR headset, get in and take off. But be careful: the flight experience is so realistic that you almost fall off your chair when you get off the plane because there is no runner to step on.

You want yout helicopter look different or have different equipment? No problem. With the built-in configurator, it can be converted with a mouse click. The included paint kit also allows you to create your own liveries.


  • Highly detailed 3D model inside and out
  • Modern glass cockpit, analog cockpit and semi-analog cockpit available
  • Fully functional winch and load hook
  • Countless accurately modeled systems for ambitious pilots
  • Stunning sounds based on FMOD
  • Simple reconfiguration of the aircraft via a menu
  • Further improved flight characteristics with X-Plane's experimental flight model
  • Three basic versions: EMS, Passenger and VIP
  • Many liveries from all over the world.
  • And much more...

The EC 135 V5 is equipped with a complex plugin. It reaches deep into the processes of X-Plane and thus enables a detailed replication of functions of the real EC 135, which are not possible with X-Plane on-board resources. Since the V3, the plugin has been further developed. We are so close to reality that a special version of our EC 135 is even used in professional simulators.

A unique simulation experience for enthusiasts who want more than just take off. Feel like a real EC-135 pilot!

You want even more? Here's the upgrade with the PLUS

Particularly ambitious pilots can expand the extensive features of the EC 135 V5. This means that features that were previously only available in the Pro version are now also available in the VR-capable product.

  • Power plants can also be controlled manually
  • Advanced electrical system with bus tie switches and shed bus switches
  • Lots of Circuit Breakers that can be used to selectively break circuits
  • Synchronization of several computers in the network. For example, one can realize that a passenger experiences the flight with his own VR glasses
  • The FTR function can be switched so that a hardware FTR function can be used
  • Dual control capability allows connection of a second joystick and seamless handoff between pilot and co-pilot
  • Display of the AviTab map as an external source on the NDs
  • The EC 135 V5 Plus can also be licensed for public and commercial applications


The EC 135 V5 is free for private use. Please understand that we cannot offer any support. But we regularly visit the forum, where many other users are also on the go and people help each other.

Download now...

Version comparision

What is the difference between EC 135 V5, EC 135 V5 PLUS and EC 135 Pro? Our comparison provides detailed answers to this question and helps you decide whether it makes sense for you to purchase a PLUS or Pro license.



The EC135 is without question a "payware-worthy" helicopter that is offered as freeware. The aircraft has been thought through from start to finish and realistically simulates the "real" model.

Thomas Glaudo, Commercial Pilot

Exhibitor VR


EC 135 V5 Plus for Public Demonstrations

  • Unlimited license life
  • All features of the EC 135 V5 Plus now also for public demonstrations
  • Virtual Reality. No hardware panels required
  • 24 months support included
  • Works in X-Plane 11 and 12
  • No commercial use
  • No pro features

Commercial VR


EC 135 V5 Plus for Commercial Use

  • Unlimited license life
  • All features of the EC 135 V5 Plus now also for commercial use
  • Virtual Reality. No hardware panels required
  • 24 months support included
  • Works in X-Plane 11 and 12
  • No pro features

rotorsim's partners


Outstanding controls for the EC 135. Pedals, Collective and a true-to-the-original stick, even motor-controlled on request. These controls are a must-have for anyone flying the EC 135 in the simulator.

The hardware for the home cockpit. simparts instruments are of exceptional quality. The complete program for an EC135 cockpit is available. And everything is basically plug & play with our EC 135 Pro.


The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is a renowned research institution. Our flight model is used in a simulator at the Institute for Flight Guidance. DLR pilots supported the development.

The ultimate flight experience in an EC 135 full flight simulator. Fully instrumented, motion platform, sensational projection. In Attikon in Switzerland, beginners as well as flight students and professionals get their money's worth.

Heli Simu France

Together with the French developer group HSF we bring the EC 135 for X-Plane into a new dimension. A highly detailed 3D model of HSF is combined with our unique system depth.

HR SimYard

The Austrian developers build high-quality freeware addons for FSX and PrePar3D. Thanks to our partnership, we mutually benefit from each other by exchanging 3D models for the EC 135.