EC 135 V5 will be installed almost as any other aircraft in X-Plane 11: Extract the archive to any sub folder of the aircraft folder in your X-Plane installation. The package is a 7z file, so you need 7-Zip (Windows), The Unarchiver (MacOS X), XArchiver (Linux) or any other compatible tool to extract it. 

Setting up your system for EC 135 V5

The following settings can only be made if the EC 135 V5 is already loaded.

Assure your controls (joystick, pedals etc.) are calibrated. Assign the axes of your controls using the example of a Saitek X52 in the following figures. 

Example of assignment of pitch, roll and yaw axes in X-Plane's joystick settings
Power control has to be assigned to Collective (not Trottle!). Using a normal joystick it could be necessary to klick Reverse Axis

We recommend setting the response curves for all axes to linear, except for the yaw axis, which should be set to catmull.

To use the manual engine control, the TWIST GRIPS for controlling the throttles must be the axes TROTTLE1 and THROTTLE2. A calibration via the menu item General Operation > Calibrate Twist Grips is then required.

EC 135 V5 plugin will manipulate the general sensitivity and artificial stability settings of your joystick. When going back to another aircraft your own preferences will be restored. Please do NOT change the settings made by the plugin in order to obtain a realistic controls response!

Moreover it is very useful to have important functions on the buttons of the joystick. Some of them are X-Plane's own commands, others are custom commands generated by the EC 135 V5 plugin. Assignment takes place also in X-Plane's joystick settings page. Absolutely minimum required to control the EC 135 V5 are the following commands: 

  • BEEP TRIM functions realized by X-Plane's trim commands
POV assignment with BEEP TRIM commands
Example of other important command assignments
Exemplary assignment of the buttons on the stick with the names of the commands

Refer to Controls explanation to learn more about the typical cyclic stick buttons in order to improve your flight feeling. 

Don't miss our video tutorial with a step by step explanation for setting up the controls.

Upgrading to Plus Version or Activation of Pro Version 

In order to activate a pro version or to upgrade from the freeware to a plus version, you need to enter the license key that you received with the purchase.

To do this, call up the menu item About > Licensing. In the window that appears, type in the license key using the keyboard of the PC and confirm. A successfully entered key is saved and does not need to be entered again. In the case of several parallel installations (e.g. EMS version and VIP version), the key must be entered once for each installation. After entering the license key, it is necessary to restart X-Plane so that all unlocked functions are available.

Menu entry and "Manage License Key" window.

rotorsim's partners


Outstanding controls for the EC 135. Pedals, Collective and a true-to-the-original stick, even motor-controlled on request. These controls are a must-have for anyone flying the EC 135 in the simulator.


The hardware for the home cockpit. simparts instruments are of exceptional quality. The complete program for an EC135 cockpit is available. And everything is basically plug & play with our EC 135 Pro.


The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is a renowned research institution. Our flight model is used in a simulator at the Institute for Flight Guidance. DLR pilots supported the development.


The ultimate flight experience in an EC 135 full flight simulator. Fully instrumented, motion platform, sensational projection. In Attikon in Switzerland, beginners as well as flight students and professionals get their money's worth.

Heli Simu France

Together with the French developer group HSF we bring the EC 135 for X-Plane into a new dimension. A highly detailed 3D model of HSF is combined with our unique system depth.

HR SimYard

The Austrian developers build high-quality freeware addons for FSX and PrePar3D. Thanks to our partnership, we mutually benefit from each other by exchanging 3D models for the EC 135.