FCDS (Flight Control Display System)

The flight Control Display System consists of a PFD (Primary Flight Display), a ND (Navigation Display) and an ICP (Instrument Control Panel). The following figures show typical displays of PFD and ND in HSI Mode and Sector Mode

PFD Primary Flight Display in Composite Mode
ND Navigation Display in HSI Mode
ND Navigation Display in Sector Mode

The navigation sources displayed on the HSI or in Sector Mode are shown in the following colours: cyan for VOR or NMS, magenta for ILS, amber for an unusual combination and red for an inactive source.

Displays are controlled by the Instrument Control Panel (ICP). There are separate ICPs for piltot's and co-pilot's side. 

ICP Instrument Control Panel
  • Zoom out (Sector Mode, this is synchronized for pilot and co-pilot)
  • Zoom in (Sector Mode, this is synchronized for pilot and co-pilot)
  • PFD Toggles PFD's Composite Mode
  • ND Toggles ND's HSI Mode and Sector Mode
  • NAV SOURCE Changes navigation source: VOR1/ILS1, VOR2/ILS2, NMS (GPS)
  • Needle to ADF1 or VOR1
  • Needle to ADF2 or VOR2
  • EXT Displays external sources on the ND
  • DH Rheostat Decision Height
  • CRS Course Bug
  • BARO Rheostat Barometric Pressure (Altimeter)
  • POS Pitch Reference Artificial Horizon

The following external sources can be displayed on NDs: Weather radar with map (only when called from sector mode), weahter radar, AviTab map (only in ), FLIR (if configuated). Press ND to quit EXT mode. 

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