General Limits

Maximum Gross Mass 2910 kg
VNE (at 0 ft altitude, OAT +30 °C)
At higher density altitude and temperature VNE will be lower
155 KIAS
Maximum operating altitude 20 000 ft
Maximum operating altitude for hover
in ground effect / takeoff and landing
12 000 ft
Minimum OAT -30 °C
Maximum OAT ISA + 39 °C
Ground Sloping max. 6°
Hover turns max. 60°/s

Rotor RPM

ConditionPower ONPower OFF
Minmum Transient (max. 20s) 85 %  
Minimum Continuous 97 % 85 %
Maximum Continuous 104 % 106 %
Maximum Transient (max. 20s)   112 %

RPM Warning Light and Audio Warnings

NR RPMRPM LightAudio ToneReset
NR ≤ 97 % ON Intermitted Low Yes
NR ≥ 106 % Flashing Gong Yes
NR ≥ 112 % Flashing Continuous High No

Engine and Transmission

max. TRQ

max. TOT

max. N1

max. N2
Starting Transient   895 (5 s)    
Starting   810     
Transient        108 (20 s)
Partial Power 2 ×10      
All Engines Operating:        
Takeoff Power
(5 min, V ≤ VY)
2 × 78 897 100.0 104
Max. Continuous Power 2 × 69 879 99.0 104
One Engine Inoperative:        
30 sec. Power 128 1024 105.0 104
2 min. Power 125 994 103.5 104
Max. Continuous Power 89.5 942 101.3 104

Fuel Tanks

TankTotal fuel
Total fuel
Unuseable fuel
Unuseable fuel
Main 594 475.0 4.25 3.4
Supply 112 90.0 2 × 2.6 2 × 2.1
Totals 706 565.0 9.45 7.6

Mass and Balance

The helicopter automatically changes its mass with the configuration and via the crew menu.

In X-Plane 12, the center of gravity will also be adjusted. To do this, the plugin accesses the 9 stations that X-Plane 12 provides for this. Each device that can be attached to the chopper via the configurator is assigned a weight and one of the stations. This also applies to the crew members. The equipment and loading therefore have a direct impact on flight behavior.

Mass and balance stations in EC 135 V5
Mass and balance stations

Station 0 represents the CG as defined in Plane Maker. Stations 1 to 4 correspond to the seats in the cockpit and in the cabin. Station 5 is the cargo compartment. Stations 5 to 8 are used by attachments such as searchlights or winches.

rotorsim's partners


Outstanding controls for the EC 135. Pedals, Collective and a true-to-the-original stick, even motor-controlled on request. These controls are a must-have for anyone flying the EC 135 in the simulator.


The hardware for the home cockpit. simparts instruments are of exceptional quality. The complete program for an EC135 cockpit is available. And everything is basically plug & play with our EC 135 Pro.


The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is a renowned research institution. Our flight model is used in a simulator at the Institute for Flight Guidance. DLR pilots supported the development.


The ultimate flight experience in an EC 135 full flight simulator. Fully instrumented, motion platform, sensational projection. In Attikon in Switzerland, beginners as well as flight students and professionals get their money's worth.

Heli Simu France

Together with the French developer group HSF we bring the EC 135 for X-Plane into a new dimension. A highly detailed 3D model of HSF is combined with our unique system depth.

HR SimYard

The Austrian developers build high-quality freeware addons for FSX and PrePar3D. Thanks to our partnership, we mutually benefit from each other by exchanging 3D models for the EC 135.