Could the SMD68H be brighter?

16 Nov 2021 11:51 #4494 by Fabritius
Could the SMD68H be brighter? was created by Fabritius

Is there a way to get the SMD68H brighter?

When you put on the night light (green background light) it automatically dims the SMD68H. Is it possible to change code that it wouldn't do the dim?
In a hardware environment the dim function is so much that you can hardly see the screens.


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18 Nov 2021 09:36 #4495 by rotorsim
Replied by rotorsim on topic Could the SMD68H be brighter?
The dimming ratio when switching on night mode is fixed. But each display can be customized. The SMD has a brightness + and - button for this.

Please make sure that the switch in the OHP is switched to NIGHT, not to NVG. The latter is intended for night vision goggles and is therefore extremely dark.

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25 Dec 2021 21:35 #4502 by Fabritius
Replied by Fabritius on topic Could the SMD68H be brighter?
This screen does not have the physical + and - buttons on the sides.

From where in the software could I try to make it more bright?

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