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Spotlight (SX-16) does not shine light on ground while flying
Z000000067 Open Bug
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V5 Pro einstellen
Z000000066 Closed Other

The missing documentation is growing...

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Hi, I am trying to amend my other bug, this is the same one, with an image in the thread.
Z000000065 Open Bug
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v5.12 on macos monteray 12.5
Z000000064 Open Bug
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Fenster in der Hecktür läuft nicht synchron
Z000000063 Closed Bug

Solved from V5.13.

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Set version number in ec135.acf file to exact version
Z000000062 Open Suggestion
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Collective Overwrite not possible since 5.10
Z000000061 Closed Bug

Less a bug than a missing feature. Implemented from V5.12.

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My key is not recognized as valid one
Z000000060 Closed Other

See Z000000056.

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KEY not working
Z000000059 Closed Bug

See Z000000056

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Problems with flying in the left seat and
Z000000058 Closed Bug

1. Knob for DH on the left ICP fixed from V5.11.

2. Function of the heading pointer corrected from V5.11.

3. Assignment of the GPS devices is not an error, but intentional. Please refer to the manual or watch the QuickTip video.

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I can not register my plus license
Z000000057 Closed Bug

See Z000000056.

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Licence activation does not work
Z000000056 Closed Bug

In some rare cases there are problems generating the license key. We're looking for the cause.
Should such a problem arise, please contact us. We will immediately provide a new license key (already done in this case).

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Z000000055 Closed Bug

The manual of the V4 is not valid for the V5. V5 has no ADF. 

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Probleme Drehzahl Turbine
Z000000054 Closed Bug

No user reaction to inquiries. Editing of the issue not possible.

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Unable to follow GPS precision approaches
Z000000053 Closed Bug

The behavior described is correct. APP and GS mode cannot be fed by the NMS. For an ILS approach it is necessary to change the source to ILS in due course. Refer to the manual where the possible sources for each mode are given.

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GNS430 Texture Bug
Z000000052 Closed Bug

Already solved with V5.03.

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Search Light does not illuminate
Z000000051 Closed Bug

Issue not reproducible.

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Problems when starting-up engines
Z000000050 Closed Bug

Workaround in V5.03 tries to skip illogical readings from the joystick. We ask for feedback as to whether this will help.

Update: After a few months of experience with the workaround, the problem seems to be resolved. Issue is closed now. 

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Kom­pa­ti­bi­li­tät mit Xenviro Windshield Effects
Z000000049 Open Suggestion
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floor instability
Z000000048 Closed Bug

This is not a bug in EC 135, but a performance problem in the computer. Usually it can be solved by increasing the number of flight model calculations per frame. Values between 3 and 7 have proven useful, depending on the system.

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