Newbie questions A/P...FTR....cautions....

22 Feb 2014 06:53 #749 von foxfan911
Newbie questions A/P...FTR....cautions.... wurde erstellt von foxfan911
RotorSim gentlemen...let me just start by saying that your EC 135 is a masterpiece and the Rescue X is absolutely stunning! I'm not kidding when I say they are the reason I bought X-Plane and veered off FSX. Hats off to you and my thanks.

Ok, I do have a couple questions. I hope none of them seem stupid, because I have thoroughly read the manual but I am still new to RotorSim EC 135 and X-Plane.

#1- Each time I perform a full start-up and the cautions on the CAD are clear, I begin raising the collective for takeoff I get a caution in CAD for "AUTOPILOT". Each time when this happens, the Autopilot is OFF as well as the A.TRIM is off. Both buttons are illuminated yellow "OFF" because they weren't touched, because they aren't a part of the pre-flight or start-up sequence. Why am I getting this caution? Why would I get a caution about an optional system that is off, that I haven't even decided I'm going to use on the flight? Am I doing something wrong here? Is this realistic to the real life EC 135 with AFCS?

#2- When using the Force Trim Release- Many times after attempting to use this I crash. Basically, when I use FTR where the cyclic is in position, and hold the force trim down, then centering the cyclic, ....this happens: Immediately upon relase of the FTR button, the aircraft goes into, what seems a very over-eggagerated attitude trim. (cyclic)

Thanks guys!!!

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22 Feb 2014 13:37 #752 von rotorsim
1 This caution is realistic. An EC135 equipped with AFCS presents this caution, when lifting collective out of it's down position and AFCS is not engaged. You should simply "accept" the caution by pressing CDS/AUDIO RESET button (can be assigned as a command to a button on your stick) or SELECT button at CAD.

2 Do you fly with or without AFCS in this situation? Which operating system are you using?

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24 Feb 2014 06:08 #756 von foxfan911
Thank you for the reply!

#1- that I know the caution is realistic, I can just acknowledge "accept" it with my CDS/Audio reset, I guess most of my routine flights should be with AFCS engaged. So I'm assuming that on AFCS equipped EC135's, pilots almost always using the system in addition to the standard SAS? Are they basically just turning A.TRIM off for takeoff and landing?

#2- Since I read your reply, I have been flying with the AFCS on and A.TRIM off. When using AFCS with A.TRIM off is mainly where I have issues with the FTR. Basically, when I move the cyclic in whatever direction and use the FTR, immediately when I release the FTR, there is a BIG change in the attitude of the aircraft, in whatever direction I had the cyclic in when I depressed the FTR. For example, if I push the cyclic forward, and depress and hold FTR, then return the cyclic to neutral, and then release the FTR, there is a big, sudden pitch down movement in the attitude. Isn't is supposed to hold the attitude?

Also, when flying with A.TRIM, after releasing the FTR, the aircraft doesn't just level out, sometimes (many times) it will pitch up making vertical speed go up for a short time before it starts maintaining my attitude. Then, after a short time, it will start to level the pitch. Shouldn't the release of the FTR immediately start the attitude hold?

I can attach a video of these occurrances if it will help, but my description is pretty good I think :cheer:

Thanks! B)

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24 Feb 2014 08:49 #759 von rotorsim
Some pilots use the AFCS in A.TRIM oder in upper modes, others fly without it. I know a pilot who disengages sometimes also SAS, cause he doesn't like this technical assistance.

I can't identify the reasons for your issues. As I read your description it should work.
Please try to delete your X-Plane preferences and make a new assignment of your Joystick and Keyboard Buttons. I remember a case where an outdated internal pointer in X-Plane's button assignment caused a similar problem. Hope it works!

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21 Mär 2014 07:10 - 21 Mär 2014 07:12 #852 von foxfan911
Just so you guys know, I don't believe I was handling the system properly. I was giving much bigger control inputs into the cyclic when things like I described occurred. Shall I say "newbie" :lol:

It appears that now that I have the system figured out, it is working nearly perfectly.

Great job and thanks guys!

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09 Apr 2014 17:51 #880 von foxfan911
Hey guys, on EC135, is there a way to completely reset all trims to their original, normal, default, configuration, after using beep trims and force trims? Seems like when, after I use these systems, the cyclic (say when on approach and landing) can seem to still be "trimmed" even though I turn off A-Trim and A/P altogether??? How do real-world pilots deal with this? Not a criticism, just a question. Thank you.

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