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General Limits

Maximum Gross Mass 2910 kg
VNE (at 0 ft altitude, OAT +30 °C)
At higher density altitude and temperature VNE will be lower
155 KIAS
Maximum operating altitude 20 000 ft
Maximum operating altitude for hover
in ground effect / takeoff and landing
12 000 ft
Minimum OAT -30 °C
Maximum OAT ISA + 39 °C
Ground Sloping max. 6°
Hover turns max. 60°/s

Rotor RPM

ConditionPower ONPower OFF
Minmum Transient (max. 20s) 85 %  
Minimum Continuous 97 % 85 %
Maximum Continuous 104 % 106 %
Maximum Transient (max. 20s)   112 %

RPM Warning Light and Audio Warnings

NR RPMRPM LightAudio ToneReset
NR ≤ 97 % ON Intermitted Low Yes
NR ≥ 106 % Flashing Gong Yes
NR ≥ 112 % Flashing Continuous High No

Engine and Transmission

max. TRQ

max. TOT

max. N1

max. N2
Starting Transient   895 (5 s)    
Starting   810     
Transient        108 (20 s)
Partial Power 2 ×10      
All Engines Operating:        
Takeoff Power
(5 min, V ≤ VY)
2 × 78 897 100.0 104
Max. Continuous Power 2 × 69 879 99.0 104
One Engine Inoperative:        
30 sec. Power 128 1024 105.0 104
2 min. Power 125 994 103.5 104
Max. Continuous Power 89.5 942 101.3 104

Fuel Tanks

TankTotal fuel
Total fuel
Unuseable fuel
Unuseable fuel
Main 594 475.0 4.25 3.4
Supply 112 90.0 2 × 2.6 2 × 2.1
Totals 706 565.0 9.45 7.6

Mass and Balance

The helicopter automatically changes its mass with the configuration and via the crew menu.

In X-Plane 12, the center of gravity will also be adjusted. To do this, the plugin accesses the 9 stations that X-Plane 12 provides for this. Each device that can be attached to the chopper via the configurator is assigned a weight and one of the stations. This also applies to the crew members. The equipment and loading therefore have a direct impact on flight behavior.

Mass and balance stations in EC 135 V5
Mass and balance stations in EC 135 V5

Station 0 represents the CG as defined in Plane Maker. Stations 1 to 4 correspond to the seats in the cockpit and in the cabin. Station 5 is the cargo compartment. Stations 5 to 8 are used by attachments such as searchlights or winches.

Labeling Conventions

Menu points EC 135 V5, menu points with sub menu path: EC 135 V5 > General Operation

Buttons in 3D cockpit, joystick or keyborad buttons with custom commands or X-Plane commands: HDG

Rheostats: BARO


Warning lights: BAT DISC

Code snippets for example in ini files: FuelWeightAtReload

This is an info box.

This is a warn information box. 

Features marked with and/or are not available in the freeware version but only in the marked version.

Über uns

rotorsim ist eine private Initiative von Hubschrauber-Enthusiasten. Hier ist die Heimatbasis der EC 135 für X-Plane.  

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