EC 135 für X-Plane
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Created: 08.06.2021
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 external
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EC 135 Static Object for Sceneries 

A static version of EC 135 for use in sceneries. It can be painted with every livery of EC 135 V5.

This package is only for scenery design. It is not a flyable helicopter! 


Unzip the archive using 7-Zip (Windows), The Unarchiver (MacOS X) or XArchiver (Linux) and include it in your scenery package or library as usual. To paint, merge the four png files from the desired livery with an image processing program into a new "ec135static.png".

System requirements

X-Plane 11.50 or newer under Linux, MacOS or Windows.


Created: 08.05.2019
Size: 796.57 KB

Das Zip-Paket enthält die Installationsanleitung für die Pro-Version sowie eine Grafik, die den genauen Panel-Aufbau zeigt und der Zuordnung der richtigen Bildausschnitte durch die Grafikkarte dient. Außerdem ist eine schematische Darstellung eines typischen Netzwerkaufbaus enthalten. 

Du willst mehr? Bei uns findest du für jede Anwendung das Richtige!

Die EC 135 Pro ist die Lösung fürs Homecockpit und für Profi-Simulatoren. Damit gelingt die Anbindung von Displays und Schalten.  

Die VR-Lizenzen machen die EC 135 V5 auch für Anwendungen in der Öffentlichkeit oder im kommerziellen Einsatz verfügbar. 

Exhibitor VR


EC 135 V5 Plus for Public Demonstrations

  • Unlimited license life
  • All features of the EC 135 V5 Plus now also for public demonstrations
  • Virtual Reality. No hardware panels required
  • 24 months support included
  • No commercial use
  • No pro features
  • Not approved for X-Plane 12!

Commercial VR


EC 135 V5 Plus for Commercial Use

  • Unlimited license life
  • All features of the EC 135 V5 Plus now also for commercial use
  • Virtual Reality. No hardware panels required
  • 24 months support included
  • No pro features
  • Not approved for X-Plane 12!

Pro Commercial


EC 135 Pro for commercial use

  • Unlimited license life on all simulator computers
  • All features of the Pro version included
  • 24 months of support included
  • For public use
  • For commercial use
  • Doesn't support VR
  • No 3D cockpit included
  • Not approved for X-Plane 12!

Noch unentschieden, was das Richtige für dich ist? Zögere nicht, uns anzusprechen!

rotorsim's partners


Outstanding controls for the EC 135. Pedals, Collective and a true-to-the-original stick, even motor-controlled on request. These controls are a must-have for anyone flying the EC 135 in the simulator.

The hardware for the home cockpit. simparts instruments are of exceptional quality. The complete program for an EC135 cockpit is available. And everything is basically plug & play with our EC 135 Pro.


The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is a renowned research institution. Our flight model is used in a simulator at the Institute for Flight Guidance. DLR pilots supported the development.

The ultimate flight experience in an EC 135 full flight simulator. Fully instrumented, motion platform, sensational projection. In Attikon in Switzerland, beginners as well as flight students and professionals get their money's worth.

Heli Simu France

Together with the French developer group HSF we bring the EC 135 for X-Plane into a new dimension. A highly detailed 3D model of HSF is combined with our unique system depth.

HR SimYard

The Austrian developers build high-quality freeware addons for FSX and PrePar3D. Thanks to our partnership, we mutually benefit from each other by exchanging 3D models for the EC 135.